Tuesday, January 1, 2013

What is yours is mine and what is mine is yours

Today i spent the afternoon advocating for your family

all the while mine is hurting

today i took my sully with a fistfull of change to the pound to give the animals some pats and some love and watched as clumsy boy hands plunked this change into the donation bucket teaching him to give what he can even if we think it isnt much

all the while smiling while holding back great big tears

today i went to the doctor with my boys and finally told our family doctor that our family is a little broken but can she please  help me put my boys back together again

all the while playing it cool when i wished she could use some magic cure and mend my broken heart with some fancy pill or medical trick....

today i spent worrying about a young  man and woman in despair over the most pain a person should ever endure thinking about god and why he does the things he does

all the while thoughts of my own woven in and under their pain.

today i reached out to one woman seeking help for a friend, through talking it seems she could use the same help too.

all the while i was doing the same, trying to help others while open and bleeding.

I do believe, and call me a martyr if you must but I know what needs to be fixed, as I see damage to our families daily. You know, Mother T? A martyr. You know, Dietrich B? Also a martyr. I could only DREAM of being as at peace with the TRUTH as they were/are.  Bless us all.  We need it.

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