Thursday, October 25, 2012

I think God just called....

I just received a very important (to my psyche) call, and I think it was God himself.  He has the tough accent, as tough as the burrough he came from.  Punctuated consonants, dropped R's.  Jesus is a New Yorker! And I almost laughed to myself!

The message was for me to know that he got my email, my cry for help, and though he may not be able to help, he wanted me "to go to bed knowing that" he heard me.  "I feel ya" he said.  I could feel that bump in my throat, threatening to sabotage my composure.

Who does that?  Who responds so damn fast and with compassion?  A simple phone call saying, "I get you" "I understand" "You've been heard".... thats all it took to be driven to my knees.  I don't even care if he can't help.  He did more than enough just by acknowledging my email.  I counted.  I was validated.  I was cared about even by a stranger. 

I was so floored by this phonecall, and his story, (which was his version in his punctuated talk) that I just spat out, "Where are you FROM?" 


I smiled. Silly man.  Thats not what I meant.  I meant, of what freaking planet are you from? Of what flesh are you derived?  I meant, normal humans, even helpers like us, do not call as soon as message received to just say I've got you.  Well, some of us do, I've been known to do so.... But no one has ever done that to me... 

It felt good.  It felt calming.  It was refreshing.  So my little phone call from this incredible example of humanity made my entire day.  It did.  Its hard to describe.  But shit, Jesus from the Bronx should just go around calling people and giving a 5 minute "Hey i get you" speech.  That was the most memorable phone call I will ever have, its the small things.  It is definately the small things that count.  Awesome.  That was crazy awesome.... Meanwhile husband is circling around me wanting to know random things and obsessing about stuff, so I must go... but I go with a smile on my face :)

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