Thursday, June 21, 2012

Stop, it's too late, I'm feeling Frustrated.....

Overnight, I wake up, I feel frustrated.

Overnight our garden has overgrown. 

They want more forms filled out.

The pile of shoes left at the door, begging to trip him down the stairs.

The baby crying.

Another envelope from the VA.

Somewhere, someone is crying.

The laundry cannot seem to make it to the closets they belong in.

Work time comes to fast, yet, I never got to play. 

Endless.  Mounting.  Overwhelming.

He is still crying.

The doctors are calling, the boss is angry, the pressure is building.

Somehow, I've lost the release valve.

This is where I assume auto pilot.  All systems go.  Clear sailing.  Happy skies.

Echoing in my head prarie grass is okay, the bills can wait, the VA can wait for their papers, the doctor can leave a message, the dishes will be there tomorrow, the garden will still grow, the children will quiet, I will work when I can, the laundry is temporarily relocated.... my brain.... that too has temporarily relocated.... 

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