Wednesday, May 23, 2012

I get by with a little help from friends....

I haven't blogged for awhile, and I also do not have ANY of my blog posts from previous episodes of frantic writing.... but for those who do know me, Here I Am!  I'm okay, and, life somehow managed to continue on...

My husband returned recently from a 7 week inpatient program for PTSD.  He had to go all the way to "TUH"peka (I say TOEpeka...) and we are still adjusting to his homecoming.  His depression has lefted, but, we have a whole not new slew of problems that resurfaced.






Oh yes, hello TBI....

We continue being jerked around a bit by the powers that be, but I think most people who work with us have realized, that I am not going to back down from doing what is right, and doing what is the best for my husband. 

I still am meeting less than supportive forces around me, and that's okay, I'll continue on.  As most of us Wounded Warrior Wives do.

And I'm not alone.  This time, I'm actually NOT alone, physically.  I'm finally hooked up with another Combat vet and his wife, and I love them, *dearly*.  See.... Here they are....
Real, LIVE, breathing, living, fleshy people just like me and my husband! Its like FOV, but in person! In stereo!  And I love it. 

And I already love them.  But they know that.

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